Work From Home

If you plan to work from home, please take a moment to Read and Understand the IT@Cornell work from home security policies found here: Work from Home

Connect to your Work computer from Home

If you plan to connect to your work computer from your home computer, follow the below guidelines:

Things to do ahead of time:

Before you plan to work from home, please contact your IT Support staff to make sure you have you have the following;

  • IP address or Hostname of your Work device.
  • Inclusion to the remote users group on your work computer.
  • Inclusion in the proper VPN group
  • Power settings adjusted to not sleep so you’re able to connect later.

Connect from your Home Device

Setup Remote Desktop on your Home PC

  • In the Windows search box type “remote desktop connection”
  • In the Remote Desktop Connection Dialog type the computer IP address provided to you by your IT support staff
  • Click the Connect Button
  • When prompted for Credentials click the “more choices” link, choose “use a different account”
  • Enter your, click connect.
  • While it’s attempting to connect, you will see a dialog box stating “Initiating Remote Connection”
  • After the connection has been established a “Certificate” dialog box will pop up asking you to accept the Certificate.
  • After accepting the certificate the normal logon screen you would see as if you were here at Cornell will appear.

Take your work device home

If you choose to take your work compute home you’ll need to login to the VPN to be able to connect to Shared drives/folders.  Use the following instructions to connect: VPN, Connect from off Campus

This device will need to connect to the netowrk or be brought back into the office periodically in order to renew licenses and be kept up to date on maintenance.

Please check with your supervisor for your unit’s policy on taking devices home.

Printing from Home

If you are connected to your remote computer at Cornell, all the printers you would have access to at work are fully available.