CIS PhD email alias sending broken due to Two-Factor authentication deployment -7/21/20

Cornell recently turned on two-factor authentication for all student accounts:

A side-effect of this is that now external SMTP and IMAP clients (like GMail) no longer work to send from and email aliases

  • Currently there are a few work-arounds:
    • Use Mail client like Outlook, or Apple Mail…others listed at link above.
    • Use Outlook Web Access:
      • When authoring a new message in OWA, click the … at top of message and choose Show From.
      • Then add @cs alias if it isn’t already populated.
        • Click the three dots at top of email and choose Show From Enter your email alias in the now-visible From Field
    • Use Thunderbird (version 77+) to configure IMAP account with following settings:
      • Incoming – IMAP
        • Server:
        • Port: 993
        • Username:
        • Security: SSL/TLS
        • Authentication method: OAuth2
      •  Outgoing  – SMTP
        • Port: 587
        • Security: StartTLS
        • Authentication Method: OAuth2
        • Thunderbird IMAP settings supporting Two Factor AuthenticationThunderbird SMTP settings supporting Two Factor Authentication