CSLinux SSL key changes 2/03/21

New servers were added to the pool of servers for cslinux on 1/28. The new servers had a different SSL key, so you may have received an SSL key warning message in your SSL client about a possible security issue.

We have reverted back to the old SSL key for cslinux to prevent these warning messages. If you have already replaced the SSL key, you may have to switch back to the old SSL key in your SSH client.

Here is the list of valid keys for cslinux to verify on your client:

256 SHA256:2TVE7PC2LVxvnVivdn7/GtcyWlS+Fnjqnd2J/QL1cT4 en-cc-linux01.coecis.cornell.edu (ECDSA)
2048 SHA256:jevpn5Ako2pibJ1LI71FOj5Lgu/ui7C4yNn37oNXaoE en-cc-linux01.coecis.cornell.edu (RSA)
256 SHA256:S/nx2/OXeHyvxP6lT5qWFa99MokJnzFL6Fl+xJsTUEU en-cc-linux01.coecis.cornell.edu (ED25519)