AppSMTP Server Upgrade 3/31/21

As announced, Cornell AppSMTP, a service used to deliver automated email to users from multi-function printers and scanners, applications, and monitoring devices, will require that the email address used is a valid EGA and must be registered with the new AppSMTP system:

Due to limitations of some web applications and hardware devices that cannot be configured to use a valid EGA email address, ITSG will continue to support a local AppSMTP server to relay mail to Cornell AppSMTP system.

On Thurs 04/01/2021 between 6:30 AM – 7:00 AM, the local AppSMTP server, “” is scheduled to be upgraded with a current system with features that address the requirements in the new Cornell AppSMTP service.

If you notice problems with your applications or devices that generate email, please report to COE/CIS IT HelpDesk <>.