Academic Web Hosting

Academic Technologies

Academic Technologies is the central IT group that supports web hosting for instructional websites and some department research/faculty sites. Learn more about this service here:

You can contact Academic Technologies directly with questions by emailing


To access your web site, you will need to log in to the Academic Technologies web server that hosts your files. This process requires a user name and password.

Important: Your password for the web server is not your NetID password, even if the user name is the same as your NetID. The two systems (the web server and NetIDs) are independent, and they have different user/password lists. You can reset your web server password here:

With the correct user name and password in hand, accessing the site is relatively easy. It uses SSH (SFTP). If you are familiar with SFTP or SSH, you can use any client you wish. Filezilla is one of the tools we recommend, because it has clients for all platforms. See the Filezilla site:

Connect to the web server using Filezilla

  1. Install and run Filezilla.
  2. Choose “File -> Site Manager…” in the menu.
  3. Choose “New Site” to begin setting up the connecting.
  4. In the General tab, enter the following:
    • Hostname: or or <yourcustomname>.<dept>
    • Protocol: SFTP
    • User name: your NetID (this will be your login ID for the courses server)
    • Password: your server password (Not your NetID password)
  5. (Optional) In the Advanced tab, set the default remote directory, This will put you in the correct location after logging in.
    1. You can find the remote directory under your coursewww/ folder.
  6. Click “Connect,” and then start transferring files.

This will log you in and change into the correct directory for your particular site. In most SFTP clients, you drag and drop files from left to right to upload, and vice-versa to download.