Return to Campus

This page is intended to help with the computing needs for those returning to campus to work.

The quickest way to receive any IT help is through the ticket system.

Step 1. While at your remote office update your computer software

Some computers have been not been updating in the home environments.  Returning to campus without updates can cause the computer to update automatically, and forcing multiple reboots. In some cases we are seeing the updates taking an hour or more to complete.  The computer is unusable during this time.

Please check that your computers for the updates by following the directions below.  Please let us know if you would like help with applying the updates by submitting a ticket

Installing Windows Updates

Installing Mac OS Updates

Step 2. First day back on campus, register your wireless network card.

Computers that have not been on campus for a year will no longer be registered. When you return to campus connect to eduroam, and your device will automatically register.

Instructions for eduroam

Eduroam requires a login of authentication.

Step 3. Windows users please verify that you can print.

The print server was upgraded and previously defined printers may not longer work.

If you can’t print please follow these instructions to reinstall printers.

Step 4. Check the AV in any of conference rooms or classrooms the day before the event.

Conference Rooms and Classrooms have not been used on a regular basis.  It’s important to let us know if you plan on using one of these rooms for a special event so that it can be checked for any hardware failures before the event.  Please let us know through the ticket system.

Bridging the gap between working remote and working at the office

Terminal Server provides an on campus computer experience accessible from personal devices

For software packages like Filemaker and Spirion it is better to run these software packages on campus.  There are Terminal Servers created for each group that the ITSG supports. Directions for using the Terminal Server.

Remote Desktop for the computer at work

Microsoft Remote Desktop can be used to connect from your personal computing devices to your computer that is on the Cornell Campus.

Connect to Work computer from home device

  • Contact ITSG to configure work computer for Remote Desktop.
  • At home, connect to VPN as in Step 2 above.
  • Run Remote Desktop Connection
    • Windows: Run Remote Desktop Connection from Start menu
    • Mac OS: install Microsoft Remote Desktop from App Store
  • Enter the computer address supplied by ITSG, Click Connect
  • When prompted, enter username in this format:
  • Accept any follow-up messages

Work laptop at home

  • ITSG can help ensure laptop is set up for remote access
  • At home, log in to laptop as usual
  • Connect to VPN as in Step 2 above
    • After connecting to VPN, mapped network drives should work even if they appear to be disconnected.

Contacting the IT Group

To best schedule a smooth return to campus it is useful for the IT team to know the following information.  Please submit this information to the ticket system if you will be needing assistance when you return.:

  • What day/time are you returning to campus?
  • What location will you be working?
  • Which computer(s) will you be using?
  • Are you currently experiencing any problems with the computer(s)?
  • Do you require assistance on setting up your computer(s)?
  • Is there a computer in the workspace on campus that has not been used since work from home began?