Mac Software Updates

To prevent hackers and ransomware and other cyberattacks it is important to keep your computer patches up to date. Cornell’s security policy requires that all computers must be patched and up to date.

Cornell IT Security 5.10

Many Computers that are on home networks are not updating properly.  If they are returned to campus they will most likely start the update process which can take a while to update.

Manually Checking to install updates

Close all applications, and save your work.

Operating System Updates are performed through the System Preferences that can be found in the Apple pulldown menu.  Then select Software Updates.  This window will display if the system is up-to-date or if updates are required.

Third Party Software is updated through Self Service.  Self Service is available in the Applications folder of your Macintosh computer.  Open Self Service, and select Notifications on the left side of the window.  Select the Update All button to install the updates for the applications that require updates.


For assistance with any of these requirements please contact the ITSG at Help Request Ticket

We’re glad to assist you with your needs.