Windows Printer Update

During the Covid closure, the ITSG updated the print server and removed the old connection to the IP address and now connects via a server name. 

Follow the instructions below to add the new print server name.


  1. Click Settings>Devices>Printers & Scanners
  2. Click Add a Printer or Scanner
  3. A scan will start, when “The printer that I want isn’t listed” appears, click that link
  4. Click the radio button in front of Select a shared printer by name
  5. Enter the following string \\\ (please be sure to enter the \ at the end of the string.)
  6. Printers will begin to appear
  7. The format of the printer name is department-building-room_number printer model.
  8. Select the printer you wish to add.
  9. Click Next
  10. After you have selected the printer, your computer will download the correct printer driver from the server and install it on your computer.
  11. You will have an option to rename the printer, click Next
  12. At this point you should be able to print a test page.
  13. Then click Finish.


For assistance with any of these requirements please contact the ITSG at Help Request Ticket

We’re glad to assist you with your needs.