Work From Home

Step 1. Data Security

University data stored on a computer you use, whether the computer is owned by you or the university, is subject to the same policies as data located on campus. Per university policy, you are the custodian responsible for all Cornell data on any computer you use.

Step 2. Cornell VPN

  • To use Cornell resources, connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN on either your home device or work laptop.
  • To install the client, log in here:
  • Connect by launching Cisco AnyConnect.
    • Set server to then click Connect
      • When prompted, enter username in format:
        • Ithaca staff: netid@en-cc-vpn-staff
        • CornellTech staff: netid@en-ct-vpn-staff
    • Detailed directions: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Step 3. Work Remotely

  • Email and Office applications are quickly available from
  • Below are more options for working remotely:

Connect to Work Desktop from home device

  • Contact ITSG to configure work computer for Remote Desktop.
  • At home, connect to VPN as in Step 2 above.
  • Run Remote Desktop Connection
    • Windows: Run Remote Desktop Connection from Start menu
    • Mac OS: install Microsoft Remote Desktop from App Store
  • Enter the computer address supplied by ITSG, Click Connect
  • When prompted, enter username in this format:
  • Accept any follow-up messages

Work laptop at home

  • ITSG can help ensure laptop is set up for remote access
  • At home, log in to laptop as usual
  • Connect to VPN as in Step 2 above
    • After connecting to VPN, mapped network drives should work even if they appear to be disconnected.

Please check with your supervisor for your unit’s policy for taking devices home.

Things to do ahead of time:

Before you plan to work from home, please contact your IT Support staff to make sure you have you have the following;

  • File Shares and other resources are “mapped” on your device.
  • You have campus resources bookmarked for easy access: Quick Links

Note: The device will need to connect to the network or be brought back into the office periodically in order to renew licenses and be kept up to date on maintenance.