July 15, 2021: Two-Step Login Required for All CU VPN Users – 6/24/21

CIT is requiring Two Factor Authentication for all CU VPN users and recommends that all user switch to  Two-Step Login for CU VPN as soon as possible.

Directions on how to use Two Factor Authentication for VPN can be found here: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and mobile devices

If you are not already setup for Two Factor Authentication, please follow these steps:


Beware of Course Evaluation Phishing Attempt – 6/5/20

A fraudulent “phishing” email is circulating with the subject line of “New online course evaluations”, purporting to be from “Cornell University Instructional Support Staff” to solicit feedback about online course evaluations.
The email has a very genuine appearance, including a valid-looking link to a course evaluation survey. The link in the message does not actually point to the site that is shown in the text, but instead directs to a malicious phishing page in an attempt to harvest your Cornell username and password.
The Cornell IT Security Office is aware of this and has posted it to their “Phishbowl” page where known phishing emails that have been spotted at Cornell are collected. Details can be found at https://it.cornell.edu/phish/7830, or by Googling “Cornell Phish Bowl”, clicking on the top result which is likely to be “Phish Bowl | IT@Cornell”, and then clicking on “New online course evaluations”.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Security Office at: security-services@cornell.edu