Ithaca Campus Printing

The below instructions will connect you to College of Engineering and Computing and Information Science printers on the Ithaca Campus.  To connect to a printer at the Tech Campus, please see: Tech Campus Printing

Your Cornell-issued computer may already have your department’s printers added. If you need additional printers, these instructions explain how to add them.

Follow the steps for your computer’s operating system below.

To see a list of available printers click the following link: CoE CIS Printers


  1. Open File Explorer
  2. In the Address Block enter \\\
  3. If a Login Screen appears enter your and your netid password.  If this is your computer click on save credentials.
  4. Under Settings Select “Device”
  5. Under Devices select “Printers & Scanners”
  6. Select “Add a printer or scanner”
  7. After a few seconds select “The printer that I want isn’t listed”
  8. Select the Radio Button in front of “Select a shared printer by name”
  9. Enter \\\ in the text box.
  10. Printers will begin to appear
  11. The format of the printer name is department-building-room_number printer model.
  12. Select the printer you wish to add.
  13. Click Next
  14. After you have selected the printer, your computer will download the correct printer driver from the server and install it on your computer.
  15. You will have an option to rename the printer, click Next
  16. At this point you should be able to print a test page.
  17. Then click Finish.


  1. Open System Preferences->Print and Scan
  2. Add a new Printer (from + at bottom left)
  3. Click IP.
  • Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol – IPP
  • Address:
  • Queue: printers/<Queue name>
  • Name: Friendly name of your choice
  • Location: optional
  • Print Using: Generic Postscript Printer (If you know the correct driver, you can point to it.)


These steps can all be done through the Desktop Manager GUI but using the browser interface ensures continuity between Linux distros.

  1. Review the list of printers. Note the Queue Name of the printer you plan to connect to.
  2. Go to: http://localhost:631/admin.
  3. Click Add Printer. Enter local username and password when prompted.
  4. Under Other Network Printers, choose Internet Printing Protocol (ipp), and then click Continue.
  5. In Connection, enter: ipp://<printername>
    • <printername> is the Queue Name of the printer you selected in step 1. Click Continue.
  6. In Name, enter whatever you want to call the printer, and then click Continue.
  7. In Make, choose Generic, and then click Continue.
  8. In Model list, choose Generic Postscript Printer (en). Click Add Printer.
  9. On Set Default Options, click Query Printer for Default Options.

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