About the ITSG

The IT Service Group provides Administrative, Faculty, Research IT assistance to College of Engineering, Computing and Information Science, and CornellTech in partnership with IT@Cornell to the College of Engineering, Computing.  The group was formed in 2011 based on advisory board recommendations on how to best provide for the IT needs of the community.  We provided embedded IT staff to support the communities and enable them to make use of the myriad of services available to Cornell affiliates.

Our Services

The ITSG is organized into three main teams

  • Applications team provides support for Data Reporting, Web and Application Hosting,  and Custom Applications
  • End User Support team provides Desktop, Lab, Video Conferencing, Event, and User support via team members embedded in the units
  • Infrastructure team supports the Network, IT Security, and Research Computing needs of the community

For more information on ITSG services, see the links below:


Embedded Staff are typically available Monday – Friday 8:30a – 12pm; 1:30pm – 4:30pm with after hour monitoring for emergencies.

To request support, please contact our central ticketing system by web or email

130 Gates Hall

Scott Yoest, Director of Information Technology Service Group

Dora Abdullah, Infrastructure Team Manager

Manuel Calimlim, Applications Team Manager

Steve Gallow, End User Support Team Manager

William Heilman, Assistant to the Director

Chris Fouracre, IT Support Associate

Jake Lopez, Instructional Tech Specialist

Dave Juers, Systems Administrator (IT Security Liaison)

Todd Cullen, Systems Administrator

Avery Quinn Smith, Systems Administrator

Luiza Zaloj, Applications Programmer

Tom Loiacono, Applications Programmer

Javier Perez, Applications Programmer

Adam Brown, Applications Programmer

234 Carpenter Hall

Richard Valeutto, IT Support Assistant

225 Phillips Hall

Ken Smith, IT Support Associate

Wendy Wakula, IT Support Assistant

Bruce Boda, Network Technician

Mike Woodson, Systems Administrator (Linux & Windows)

597 Rhodes Hall

Gus Mendez, Research Support Specialist

Jennifer Shipe, Instructional Tech Specialist

276 Rhodes Hall

Jake Gibson, IT Support Assistant

B70a Olin

Fred Broom, IT Support Assistant

B55 Hollister

Cameron Willkens, IT Operations Manager

301 B Malott Hall

Adam Zawislak, IT Support Associate

Bloomberg Center Roosevelt Island

David Rankine, Assistant Director of Information Technology

Gary Walker,  IT Support Associate

Syra Castillo, Administrative Support