Onboarding New Hires

Hiring managers should follow the onboarding guidelines set out by their units in conjunction with their local HR contact.

In order to ensure that a new hire’s IT needs are met, please provide as much of the the below information as possible as soon as a hire is identified and their NetID is established in accordance with your unit’s policies.

  • Unit/Department
  • Name (nickname/salutations)
  • NetID
  • Job Title
  • Hire Date/Start Date
  • Supervisor/Point of Contact
  • Office/Work Location
  • NetID of person in role previously, or person in role with similar access
  • IT Needs
    • Computer: Re-image an existing?  Order new?
    • Programs needed beyond standard (Windows/Office/Adobe PDF Reader, Zoom, etc.), such as Adobe, Filemaker, etc.
    • Access to resources such as File Shares, local applications, etc.


When a team member departs please provide the individual’s information (NetID, departure date, etc.) to IT as soon as possible in accordance with your unit’s and HR policies.

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