Who can use Github Enterprise?

The site license for Cornell’s Github Enterprise system covers the following use cases:

  • Enrolled Students, Faculty, and Academic Staff of Cornell University.
  • Only for non-commercial, academic (instructional or research) usage.
  • Non-academic staff are separately licensed per-person. Contact us for more information.
  • External users can gain access if they are collaborating with Cornell on academic projects. Please contact us for details.

Why should I use GitHub Enterprise over the public

The features are almost the same.

  • The main difference for users is the ability to create an unlimited number of public and private repositories for free. This covers coursework and research projects. However, if your project is truly open source, then hosting it at with a personal account may be the best option for you.
  • Another difference is that authentication is through Cornell single-sign-on (netid).
  • Some research projects have specific requirements on where data can be hosted. Github Enterprise is run locally here at Cornell in Gates Hall. The server is backed up off-site using Cornell’s EZBackup service.

How do I sign up?

  • You can access Github Enterprise at: .
  • Single-sign-on is available through Cornell LDAP. Please use your Cornell netid and password to login.
  • Access is restricted to current Cornell students, faculty and academic staff. Your account may be disabled if you are not part of any of these groups.
  • Guest IDs can be created for external collaborators to use Github Enterprise.

How do I start using Github Enterprise?

How do I migrate from SVN to Github Enterprise?

GitHub SSH Key Fingerprints

What are GitHub’s SSH key fingerprints?

Public key fingerprints can be used to validate a connection to a remote server. These are our GitHub’s public key fingerprints:

RSA MD5 65:19:ed:fd:90:86:ba:68:bd:33:6f:a9:8f:ff:f3:a6
DSA MD5 13:42:54:de:d9:28:63:9f:9c:52:7a:e1:93:a0:11:19
DSA SHA-256 SlSbXKny84eVMTpqBp3hnWb2fSJnq3E7CE4bfnhnEFw
ECDSA MD5 de:fd:8d:f9:8e:f9:f4:bc:d2:4a:ef:69:6f:90:ec:96
ED25519 MD5 c7:fa:c6:96:9a:59:a0:46:4b:06:29:23:84:11:1d:fd
ED25519 SHA-256 yi2VTNRVEeNE9tQMQn4fxCg0Lys9OnS7d/N3wKVUcOk

What are the policies for using this service?

By utilizing this service you agree to the following:

  • I am an enrolled student or associated faculty of Cornell University or I am an external collaborator on Cornell academic work.
  • I have read and understand the Cornell University policy on Responsible Use of Electronic Communications .
  • I am using the repository for non-commercial, academic use related to instructional or research work at Cornell University.
  • Computing activities that interfere with this purpose are not permitted. Prior written approval from the IT Director is required for: 1) Any significant use of computing resources that is not clearly related to the department’s goals and functions; 2) Work that will involve the use of large quantities of resources.
  • Due to the nature of academic computing, no guarantee of privacy of data can be provided. Further, in return for receiving accounts, users grant permission to ITSG staff to access any of the user’s files or transmissions in the normal course of their duties. The IT staff will hold in strict confidence anything that they may discover in the user’s files except: 1) for discussions with other ITSG staff; 2) when they have reason to suspect a violation of law or of university or department policy; or 3) when they have good reason to provide the files to another member of the community, and in this case notification of the access will be given, to the user.

GitHub hereby grants to Licensee a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable right and license to permit its Enrolled Students and Associated Faculty to run and use the Software installed on Licensee’s servers solely for such Enrolled Students’ and Associated Faculty’s non-commercial, academic use related to such Enrolled Students’ studies at Licensee’s educational institution.

Licensee agrees to cooperate with GitHub to enforce the terms of this Addendum and the License and Support Agreement in connection with Enrolled Students’ use of the Software, including, without limitation, sending appropriate notices to and terminating access to the Software for Enrolled Students who misuse the Software in any way, promptly upon GitHub’s reasonable request.