VPN Connect from off Campus

Use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to connect to Cornell resources from remote locations.  The VPN connection will enable you to Work from Home.

The following link will take you to the IT@Cornell site which contains the  instructions for downloading, installing, and setting up to the Cornell VPN solution: CUVPN

When connecting, enter your username in the below format when logging in with the Cornell VPN software. Replace <netid> with your NetID.

Ithaca Campus Staff

Tech Campus Staff

Temporary and Student Workers

Academics (Faculty, Lecturers, Grad Students, Research Assistants, etc.)

Unit VPN Pool Name
Applied Engineering and Physics: <netid>@en-ap-vpn-acad
Biomedical Engineering: <netid>@en-bm-vpn-acad
Center for Applied Mathematics: <netid>@en-am-vpn-acad
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: <netid>@en-cb-vpn-acad
Civil and Environmental Engineering: <netid>@en-ce-vpn-acad
Computing and Information Science: <netid>@en-ci-vpn-acad
Computer Science: <netid>@en-cs-vpn-acad
Earth and Atmospheric Science: <netid>@en-ea-vpn-acad
Electrical and Computer Engineering: <netid>@en-ec-vpn-acad
Information Science: <netid>@en-is-vpn-acad
Materials Science and Engineering: <netid>@en-ms-vpn-acad
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: <netid>@en-ma-vpn-acad
Operations Research and Information Engineering: <netid>@en-or-vpn-acad
Program of Computer Graphics: <netid>@en-cg-vpn-acad
Statistics and Data Science: <netid>@en-ss-vpn-acad
Tech Campus: <netid>@ct-vpn-acad
Tech Campus, Johnson Graduate School of Management: <netid>@ct-vpn-jgsm