A Virtual Lab environment is available to CBE students in particular courses for use via remote desktop connection.  Please use the instructions below to connect.

  1. Navigate to the website vm-status.cbe.cornell.edu
  2. Find an available VM by looking at the blue list at the bottom of the page, for example vm04.cbe.cornell.edu, vm62.cbe.cornell.edu, etc.
    1. For PC
      1. Click Start, and then in the Search box enter remote desktop connection.
      2. In Computer, enter the name of the available VM you found in step 2, and then click Connect.
      3. You will be asked for a username and password. Your username is your NetID@cornell.edu, and your password is your NetID password.
      4. If you see a security warning, click Yes.
    2. For Mac
      1. Navigate to your Applications folder, and then double-click Remote Desktop Connection.
      2. If Remote Desktop Connection does not exist on your Mac, you may download it for free from microsoft.com
      3. In Computer, enter the name of the available VM you found in step 2, and then click Connect.
      4. Enter your NetID into the User name field, enter your NetID password into the Password field, and enter “cornell.edu” into the Domain field.
  3. You will receive a message saying Remote Desktop Connection cannot verify the identity of the computer that you want to connect to. Select Connect to continue.
  4. Click OK:  You are now connected to the Virtual Host.
  5. You must log off the computer when you are finished with your work. Failure to do so will cause problems for others trying to connect, and will cause issues for you logging into the VMs in future attempts. You will automatically be logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.


  • Students do not have access to Aspen Tech Support.
  • The X drive can be used for sharing files amongst students.
  • Chat and Email can be used directly on the computer that the students are using to connect the the Virtual Machines


Log In Error

If you receive an error message when logging in: http://vm-status.cbe.cornell.edu refreshes once every minute, making it possible for multiple users to attempt connection to the same VM, should they both check the website within one minute of each other.

If you try to access a VM and it’s already in use, you will be presented with a message saying it’s currently in use, and you will be given an option to request the VM from the current user, or to cancel. Best practice is to cancel at that point and find another VM from the website.

If you were to continue anyway, the user currently logged in would get a window that pops up asking if they are OK with being kicked off. If they click cancel, they will stay logged in, and the person trying to log in will be given a message saying they’ve been denied by the current user. If they click OK, they will be logged off.

Performance Issues

Aspen should take about 90 seconds to launch when logging into a Virtual Machine the first time and about 30 seconds to launch on subsequent runs.

Launch time is the time from double-clicking on the Aspen Plus desktop icon to the moment the “Open/New…” file dialog box opens. The time may be slower if your network speeds are below 15 megabits per second down/1 megabit per second up. You can go to http://www.speedtest.net to test your connection.