CIS Instructional Linux Servers

Instructional Linux Servers

Connect via SSH to:

ssh <netid>
  • Use your Cornell NetID and password to login
  • Accessible from Cornell networks (such as RedRover) or Cornell VPN.

Important Note: The UGCLinux servers were upgraded in August 2020. If you’ve connected to them before that you may now receive an error like this:

DNS Spoofing Error Example Image

To resolve the error, edit the file on your local system that it lists (typically /<username>/.ssh/known_hosts) to remove the entry for


Home Directories

  • Your Linux home directory is accessible from any of the above Linux hosts.
  • Students should copy or delete their files in home directories at the end of each academic year.


  • Most applications are installed in /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, and /usr/X11R6/bin.
  • Additional applications may be installed per request in /usr/local/bin
    • Note that we will only accept software installation requests related to coursework or projects.
  • You may use the following commands to add additional application path to your default path:
PATH=/usr/local/smlnj/bin:$PATH; export PATH
  • Default shell is /bin/bash.
    • If a different default shell is required for course work, please contact us.

The following user resource limits are in effect on UGC Lab Linux machines:

  • cputime 12 hours
  • memoryuse 1 GB
  • ‘ulimit -a’ will display your resource limits.
  • If your jobs need longer cputime, you can set your resource limit accordingly in your .bashrc
    • Reconnect to get the new parameters in effect.