ECE Linux

The ECELinux Virtual Lab environment is available to ECE Lab users.  Please use the instructions below to connect to either an SSH command-line only or graphical interface.

  • From off-campus, connect to Cornell VPN first.

Connect via SSH to:

  • From Terminal or Command Prompt enter this command:
    • ssh <netid>
      • replace <netid> with your NetID.
    • When prompted, enter NetID password

Connect to Graphical Interface using x2go

If a graphical desktop is preferred over SSH terminal, follow the steps below.

  • Download and install x2go client from
  • Start the client and select “new-session” from the Session drop-down menu.
  • In the Session tab:
    • Session Name: ecelinux
    • Server – Host:
    • Server – Login: Your NetID
    • Session Type: XFCE
  • Connection Tab:
    • Move the slider to the appropriate network type
  • Input/Output tab:
    • Configure the screen for the size you want.
  • Media tab:
    • Disable sound support
    • uncheck Client side printing support
  • Shared Folders tab:
    • make sure that “Use SSH port forwarding…” is checked.
  • Click OK button to save your session settings.

Logging off of x2go session

    • Close whatever applications you are using.
    • Pull-down the menu under your name in the upper right corner and select Logout.
      • Select Logout on the resulting screen.


  • If your x2go session routinely exits when you start an application, try the following:
    • Reconfigure your x2go setup to the following in the Session tab:
      • Change the Session Type: to “single application” and set the Command: to be “xfce4-terminal”.
        • This will result in only the terminal window appearing, not the entire desktop
        • Run your application normally.
        • Be sure to logout of the session on this terminal window.

Video Walkthroughs