Desktop Software Updates

To prevent hackers and ransomware and other cyber attacks it is important to keep your computer patches up to date. Cornell Policy 5.10 requires that all computers must be patched and up to date.

Windows Devices

  • Cornell managed Windows computers are now updated Via “Software Center
  • Software Center is located by clicking->Start, in the search box type “Software”, select Software Center from the results.
  • Click the Update button->Click “Update All”
    • Windows updates will immediately and automatically install. It is best to restart your computer right after the updates have been applied.
    • Users will be notified of a pending restart by pop-up messages from the Windows System Tray and the Software Center icon.
  • Third Party Software:  Updates will be continually made available for installation when they are released by software vendor.  Users will be notified of available updates by pop-up messages from the Windows System Tray.  Users should perform installations and restarts in a timely fashion to ensure the security of their computer.

MacOS Devices

  • Operating System Updates are performed through the System Preferences that can be found in the Apple pull-down menu.
  • Select Software Updates.  This window will display if the system is up-to-date or if updates are required.
  • Before applying updates be sure to close all applications, and save your work.
  • Third Party Software is updated through Self Service.  Self Service is available in the Applications folder.
    • Open Self Service, and select Notifications on the left side of the window.
    • Select the Update All button to install the updates for the applications that require updates.

Remote Devices

If working remotely for an extended time, you will need to run updates on your Cornell device while connected to VPN.

If your device returns to campus, they will start the update process which can take a while, if it has not been kept up to date.

For more information on being secure when connecting remotely, see Remote and Hybrid Work.

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