Tech Campus Phone Guide

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Phone Self Service Portal

The Self Service portal will allow you:

  • Review and Update your phone settings
  • Verify voice mail information
  • Manage IM and Availability

Getting Started

To log in to the Self Service portal:

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your Windows or Jabber username and password

The portal is tailored to your specific features in real time, you may see the following menus:

  • The Sidebar will provide buttons to all available features
  • The Quick Menu will show you the status of features
  • Company Phones will show a list of your specific phones and/or Jabber info
  • Personal Phone will allow you yo add your personal phone number for simultaneous ring with company phones (if enabled)


My Information

  • Update your information
  • Update your PIN


  • Will allow you to see the phones in your name.
  • You can also manage your Hunt Groups (a single telephone number to a group of phone lines)


  • Manage Voicemail settings (Timezone, Languages)
  • Manage Voicemail notification to Phone and SMS

Call Forwarding

  • Forward all incoming calls
  • Manage internal vs. external calls
  • Manage settings for busy vs. no answer

My Availability

  • Manage DND for each of your phones
  • Automatically update status when there is a meeting on your calendar

Speed Dials & Busy Lamp Field

  • Manage speed dial entries for you phones
  • Set your Busy Lamp Filed (lets other people on our phone system to see if your phone  is busy or not.)


  • Access help information on the Self Service portal


  • Exit the Self Service portal