Best Practices to Improve Home Network Speeds

Best Practices to improve network speed:

Router Placement

  • The easiest way to improve your network speed is to be close the wireless router.
  • For the best and most stable connection, connect to router with network cable

Wireless Band: 2.4Ghz vs. 5Ghz

Many recent routers have two wireless bands, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

  • 2.4Ghz has a longer range but is subject to more interference.
  • 5Ghz has higher speeds but shorter range.

Try switching bands to see if network performance

Long Term Improvement:

Upgrade Router

Upgrade Internet

Many internet providers offer different tiers with higher speeds.


Video Conferences (optimizing for a low bandwidth connection)

  • Plug the computer(s) that you are using into a network cable connected to the router.
  • Turn off your video
  • Mute your audio
  • Avoid other applications that use bandwidth. (including other computers/systems in the same home network)
    • Cloud Backups
    • Uploads/Downloads
    • Streaming Videos
    • Cloud Storage Syncing

Checking your Network  Speed