Web Hosting Options

The ITSG can guide you through the multitude of options available for web hosting at Cornell, and help select the service that best meets your needs.

Below is a brief overview of options, depending on your needs, there may be fees associated with a given service

Note that there are standard solutions for specific functionality like course management (Blackboard), wikis (Confluence), surveys (Qualtrics), etc.

An overview of web hosting options is available through central IT support on the CIT Hosting service site.

Department Web Servers

The below units offer their own dept-specific web servers.

Academic Technologies

Academic Technologies is the central IT group that supports instructional websites. If you need a website for a Cornell course, please contact Academic Technologies by email: atc_support@cornell.edu.

For more information about this service, please see the following:

Here are a few examples of sites already using AT hosting (note that Engineering Project Teams receive course credit, so they are supported by this platform):


WordPress hosting is offered through a separate service called CampusPress. WordPress makes it easy and intuitive to update your website, so it is recommended for users who don’t want to code HTML or PHP directly. For more information, see the WordPress service site.

This is a free service for anyone associated with Engineering, CIS, or Cornell Tech.

Here are some examples of faculty, research, and administrative websites using WordPress:

Custom Hosting

If you have highly specialized needs, you can request a LAMP stack as your personal web server.  This option requires additional fees that can be expensive for large websites. The benefit is that you get your own server and customize it to exactly meet your needs.